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CDN (Content Delivery Network) solutions vary depending on the needs they must meet.

Optimizing content among servers enables users to access content faster and more reliably. When Internet users typically access a website, they directly access the server that serves the content. However, by using CDN, this content is copied to different servers, and users can access the content from a location closer to them. This allows websites to load quickly and reduces internet traffic.

Enables the customer to pull their static content from their FTP area and stream it from the nearest location to their visitors. In other words, it is used to cache images, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML files on websites. Pull CDN is recommended for files smaller than 3 MB that change frequently.


Choose the Best CDN Plan

İşletmeniz veya kişisel web siteniz için en iyi planı seçerek pratik bir şekilde
CDN hizmetine başlayabilirsiniz.



Monthly Payment

Zone Limit : 1 Pieces
Disk Space : 5gb
Cache Time : 10min
File Size : 2mb



Monthly Payment

Zone Limit : 1 Pieces
Disk Space : 15gb
Cache Time : 1min
File Size : 2mb



Monthly Payment

Zone Limit : 1 Pieces
Disk Space : 30gb
Cache Time : 30sn
File Size : 2mb


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