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What is Image Optimization ?

The performance of your website is critical in terms of user experience and SEO. CDN.com.tr offers powerful tools to enhance this performance, one of which is the Image Optimization service. This feature maximizes visitor satisfaction by increasing your website’s speed and reliability.

The Image Optimization service provided by CDN.com.tr compresses the image files on your website, making them smaller. By reducing the size of images, it shortens page load times, significantly boosting your website’s performance. This feature is especially advantageous for visually intensive websites.

Content size before image optimization:

Content size after image optimization:

Advantages of Image Optimization:

Faster Load Times: By reducing the size of image files, it speeds up page load times. This allows your visitors to access your website more quickly.

Better User Experience: Fast-loading pages encourage users to stay longer on your site and interact more.

SEO Improvement: Fast loading times are positively evaluated by search engines and can improve your website’s ranking.

Data Savings: Smaller file sizes lead to less data consumption for users, which is a significant advantage, especially for mobile users.

How to Use Image Optimization with CDN.com.tr

CDN.com.tr makes it easy to enhance your website’s performance by offering the Image Optimization service. Enabling and using this service is quite simple.

Activating Image Optimization:

  1. Log in to the CDN.com.tr Panel: As a first step, log in to your CDN.com.tr account and enter the management panel.
  1. Enter the Management Interface: Click the settings button next to the web address where you will perform image optimization.
  1. Access the Advanced Management Menu from the Left Menu: Under the advanced management menu, click the edit button next to the file with type http Path Regex /images.
  1. Enter the Rule Editing Pop-up Window: Activate the “ON” button on the Image Optimization bar and click save.

As a result, the Image Optimization service offered by CDN.com.tr is a powerful tool to boost your website’s performance and enhance user experience. By optimizing image files, you can shorten page load times and increase your website’s speed. Start using CDN.com.tr’s Image Optimization service right away for a fast, efficient, and user-friendly experience.

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